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Motorcycle Tank Bibs - Tank Bra

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Chilhowee Motorcycle Tank Bibs, Tank Bras, and Gas Tank Bras
If you just can't bear the thought of putting a vinyl tank bra or tank bib on your motorcycle or a gas tank bra that is mass produced for all "the other riders", then one of Chilhowee's motorcycle tank bibs is what you're looking for.

Our motorcycle tank bibs are made right here in Colorado by American craftsmen - and are handcrafted one tank bra at a time to perfectly fit your motorcycle. Our handmade tank bras constantly receive great reviews! It's not just because they look so good, but also because this kind of craftsmanship and construction is nearly impossible to find in a tank bib or gas tank bra. Now you don't have to settle for less.

  Motorcycle Tank Bibs

Why Purchase A Chilhowee Motorcycle Tank Bra?
Motorcycle Tank Bra  

Our customers will tell you it's because they've never seen quality like ours anywhere. And every tank bib is made by hand in our leather shop from premium full grain leather that will last a lifetime - not vinyl! You can also choose the options you want on your tank bra. Bikers typically take pride in being individuals - being who they are without apologies. So why buy a motorcycle tank bib that looks like everyone else's?

We're so confident that you'll love our handcrafted, premium leather motorcycle tank bibs, that we'll gladly refund your purchase if you don't! Satisfaction guaranteed! We stand behind our products 100%!

Check Out Your Tank Bra Options!

  • Chrome Studs - These aren't just any old studs. We only use "chrome on brass" studs, guaranteed not to rust. The chrome shines like new, making your tank bra look new, year after year!
  • Black "Road King" Studs - Our black studs are secured in a chrome base and are hand mounted.
  • Conchos - Choose a Chrome concho with bleedknot, a Ranger Star concho, or an authentic Buffalo or Indian Head nickel concho. You can even add genuine Horsehair tassels! And if you want a motorcycle tank bra without a concho - no problem.
  • Hand-Laced Edges - If you want a design that makes your tank bib or tank bra look expensive and highly individualized, hand-lacing is the way to go.
  • Pockets - Want function with those good looks? Adding a pocket to your motorcycle tank bib is the perfect solution for quick storage and retrieval of cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, keys, garage door opener, etc. Pocket dimensions are approximately 4" Wide x 6" Long.
  Gas Tank Bra

Tank Bib  

Not all Motorcycle Tank Bibs are created equal

If you're looking for a premium tank bra that stands out in the crowd, then you've come to the right leather shop! Chilhowee tank bras are made in our Colorado shop by American craftsmen - and are handcrafted one tank bra at a time. Our customers tell us they have never seen this kind of craftsmanship and construction.

Chilhowee Motorcycle Tank Bibs are the finest Tank Chaps available:

  • We start by selecting our hides by hand. That means we pay close attention to each hide and pick the best leather for your tank bra - and only the finest cuts are used.
  • Then Chilhowee artisans use the appropriate template for your brand and model and begin cutting your motorcycle tank bib from durable 8 oz full grain, specially tanned Buffalo (our favorite) - tough enough to handle whatever Mother Nature can dish out.
  • If you order studs, we mark the tank bra for them (1-1/4 inch centers) and then hand-mount the finest quality studs available, guaranteed not to rust. You decide if you want studs!
  • Now a heavy-duty concho is positioned and installed on your tank bib, if that's on your option list. You pick out which concho or none at all!
  • Next, we select a soft layer of Deerskin and sew it to the underside of the motorcycle tank bra to help protect the finish of your tank using rot-proof stitching. If you select edge piping, it is sewn between the two layers at this stage.
  • If you opt for the hand-laced edges (our favorite), we mark the tank bib for the locations of holes (1-inch centers), and punch each hole by hand. Using 1/8-inch full grain lacing, the outside edges of the tank bra are laced by hand to complete the look. You decide what kind of edging!
  • If you decide to add a pocket, the matching pocket is crafted by hand and sewn to the leather tank bra through both layers of hide.
  • Finally, your motorcycle tank bib is treated with Buffalo Butter Advanced Leather Conditioner and 303 Anti-fade Protectant to give your leather tank bra a great start at a long life!
  Motorcycle Tank Bibs

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