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Leather Gloves - Lined Gauntlet
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Leather Gloves - Lined Gauntlet Leather Gloves - Lined Gauntlet

Women's Leather Gloves - Lined Gauntlet

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  • Seamless Palms
  • Warm Polar Fleece Lining
  • Supple, Durable 3-Ounce Deerskin
  • 4-Inch Gauntlet Cuffs
  • Made in Colorado, USA
  • Workmanship Guaranteed

Lined with warm, soft polar fleece additional for comfort and warmth, our Lined Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves will protect and pamper your hands on short rides or on long, cross-country adventures. The long gauntlet cuffs on our deerskin motorcycle gloves extend 4-inches above the wrist to close the "wind-gap" and seamless palms provide greater palm comfort. Handcrafted one glove at a time, Chilhowee guarantees your satisfaction!!

Remember, how warm your hands will be depends on the person, the ambient temperature, the kind of bike you ride (my faring helps keep my hands much warmer than my brother's hands since he has no faring), the speed at which you ride, and how long you ride for (how long your hands are exposed to the cold wind).

Why Deerskin Is The Best Choice for Motorcycle Gloves

Unlike cowhide gloves, Deerskin gloves have stretch width-wise and very little stretch length-wise. That means a snug fitting glove that will expand with your hand when you make a fist or grip something, but the fingers won't stretch or become floppy. The physical structure of deerskin leather is different than other type of hide. Its elongated interwoven fibers give it an extremely high shear strength and abrasion resistance. The spaces between the fibers make the leather soft and comfortable over a wide range of temperatures. In other words: cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather. No other hide has these properties!

Don't Try This With Cowhide Gloves!

Whenever deerskin gets soiled it can be hand-washed. When it gets wet it will not shrink - and it stays soft even after air-drying! You can't do that with any other leather.

We'll Make Sure You're Happy With Your Motorcycle Gloves!

If you order and receive our motorcycle gloves and they don't fit like they should or aren't the look you hoped they would be - no worries! We'll help you get the correct size and make sure you're happy with the fit and style of your motorcycle gloves or we'll gladly refund your money! We guarantee your satisfaction!!

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