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Motorcycle Floorboard fringe - Made in America

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Motorcycle Floorboard fringe

How to Install Leather Motorcycle Floorboard fringe

First, you'll need the Barge All Purpose cement we included in your shipment or other product that works well on metal and leather. Barge is an excellent product for this application, and this adhesive will not harm your floorboards or the leather. Any excess can easily be removed.

  1. As you can see, the fringe cover is one piece, approximately 24" for rider and 22" for passenger in length. The fringe portion begins below a ¾-inch solid strip at the top of the fringe. Each end of the fringe will attach to the inside of the floorboard, between the floorboard and the bike. The two ends are not designed to touch, and there will be several inches of uncovered floorboard that is not visible (by your many admirers).
  2. You can get an idea of how it will look if you drape the cover around the floorboard, and you can then decide approximately where you want the first end of the fringe cover to begin on the floorboard.
  3. Ok, ready? You're going to carefully spread a moderate coat of the contact cement around the floorboard where the fringe will go. I recommend using a q-tip or two for spreading the adhesive. Also apply a thin bead to the top of the floorboard fringe where it will attach to the floorboard. Wait 5 - 8 minutes after you've applied the glue to the floorboard, and then begin to carefully and firmly press the first end of the fringe cover against the now tacky, floorboard, working the cover around until the entire length of the fringe cover is firmly pressed against the floorboard. As you press, immediately adjust the top of the fringe cover up or down a little wherever necessary, to be a uniform distance from the top edge of the floorboard itself. You are simply making sure it looks nice and even as it goes around. CAUTION: the glue can become so tacky that where the fringe cover touches it may be difficult to adjust. If you line it up incorrectly, you'll have to peel off that portion and lay it straight. It should stick just as well the second time if you do it immediately! It's best to let this application cure for 2 hours before you start showing off!

    Although you won't have to worry about the fringe coming loose, if you ever want to, you can actually just peel them off. But really, why would you want your scooter to look like everyone else's?? Hmmm. . .

Avoid harsh cleaners or chemicals. Clean and condition the leather with Chilhowee Buffalo Butter or other quality cleaner/conditioner, following the instructions on the package. To avoid fading from the sun's UV rays, use 303 Aerospace Protectant on a regular basis.

If your leather becomes faded, you can use a quality black dye or other fine boot crème to restore the color.

If you need additional information or have questions, please call our friendly staff at 877-223-1602.

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