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Our custom leather shop has relocated to Colorado, but only select products are currently available to order. More products will be available each week.

Lever Covers - For Your Specific Brand & Model

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Why Chilhowee Lever Covers?

Ask anyone who has installed generic fringed lever covers on their motorcycle and they'll tell you, "it just didn't fit". Because lever circumferences and lengths are different for every brand and model of motorcycle, Chilhowee fringed and plain Lever Covers are designed to fit your specific brand, model, and year perfectly! Unlike so-called one-size-fits-all lever covers, our fringed lever covers are handcrafted to fit snugly like a glove!

Every year, Chilhowee research & development staff take careful measurements of the levers of all motorcycle brands and models to make sure we have templates to fit all lever covers. It's a tedious process for such a small item, but when our customers install our lever covers, they sure are glad we do it.

When you order our lever covers, we'll ask you about your brand, model, and year. When we receive your order for lever covers, we pull the template for your specific motorcycle and cut the leather accordingly. The fringe lever covers we send you will fit like they've been handcrafted for your bike - because that's what we do.

Premium Cowhide Lever Covers

Chilhowee Cowhide lever covers are soft, full-grain, durable, and comfortable lever covers. These lever covers are crafted from a single piece of 4 oz premium leather.

Fringed or No Fringe Lever Covers

Although we offer our lever covers in two flavors: 1) 16-inch fringe and 2) No fringe, or we can also any length fringed lever covers in between. Just call us and tell us what fringe length you'd like your new lever covers to have.

And if our 16-inch lever covers are a little too long for you, the fringe can easily be cut off with a good pair of scissors.

Want A Color Besides Black Lever Covers?

Although black is the only color lever covers you can order on the website, we routinely make lever covers from tan, brown, white, grey, red, and purple. To get custom color lever covers for your motorcycle, call us toll free.

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Click On Your Brand To View A Lever Cover That Will Fit Your Bike
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