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Lever Covers - For Your Specific Brand & Model

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Instructions for installing Chilhowee Lever Covers
Stretch Lever CoversInstalling our lever covers is about as difficult to perform as lacing up your shoe for the first time (ok, maybe a little harder, but not much).

Wrap the lever covers around the levers before installation to see how snuggly they will fit. If it looks like they're too narrow for the sides to meet on the inside of the lever, gently stretch the sides of the lever covers before you install them.

Because leather has some "give" when you stretch it, it is theoretically possible for you to overstretch one or both lever covers. The trick here is to only stretch the sides as much as necessary to achieve that "custom-fitted" look. Most of the time, the edges of the lever covers will meet just by gently cinching up the lacing. Yamaha Fringe Lever Covers

  1. Make sure the ends of your lacing are cut to a point and that you have some needle nose pliers - that will make pulling the laces through holes in the lever covers MUCH easier!
  2. Place a moderate bead of contact cement or double sided tape to the outside of the lever (not the inside where you will lace it together). If using contact cement, also apply a thin bead to the inside of the lever covers. Let them dry for about 5 -7 minutes (until tacky), then press the lever covers against the levers, position them, and hold them for a moment.
  3. Begin lacing the lever covers from the upper (thickest) end of the lever, working your way down to the "ball end".
  4. Pull the lace through the first holes on each side of the lever cover and cross over to the next holes (just like lacing your shoe). It is easier and safer to make each "crossover" snug as you go along, rather than loosely lacing the cover, then pulling on the ends to cinch up the entire cover. CAUTION: DO NOT OVER-STRESS THE HOLES WHEN LACING THEM TO THE LEVER! You should be able to get a pretty snug fit, but if you over-tighten the lacing during installation, you may tear a hole. Go ahead and tighten the lever covers up, but just be careful!
  5. Now to tie the lace ends. Some people simply tie the lace ends in a single or double overhand knot. Some people let the excess lacing hang, while others cut the excess off. Yet another method is to cross-wrap the lacing around to the front of the lever and tie it off there.
Kawasaki Fringe Lever Covers

Avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals on your lever covers. Clean and condition the leather with Chilhowee Buffalo Butter or other quality cleaner/conditioner, following the instructions on the package. To avoid fading from the sun's UV rays, apply 303 Aerospace Protectant to your lever covers on a regular basis.

If your lever covers becomes faded, you can use a quality black dye or other fine boot crème to restore the color.

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