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Fender Bibs for Kawasaki
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Fender Bibs for Kawasaki

Fender Bibs for Kawasaki

This item is handcrafted in our custom leather shop and currently ships from our store in approximately 1 to 3 business days.

  • 8 oz thickness Durable Leather
  • Sewn with Rot-proof Saddle Thread
  • Plain or with Chrome-Plated Studs that won't rust
  • Conchos and Hand Laced Edges
  • Made in our own Colorado leather shop
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Our handcrafted heavy leather fender bibs will not only make that bare backend look hot, but also protect it from getting scratched, marred, and dented. Dress it up the way you want it: Plain or with Chrome-plated brass studs, handlaced edges or edge piping, and a variety of quality conchos.

Order the Length That's Right For You

All of our premium leather rear fender bibs are approximately 6-inches wide, but you decide how long you need it to be. Typically, the rear fender bib should be long enough so that the end of it disappears beneath the seat. When deciding on the length, it's a good idea to factor that in. We recommend measuring from the passenger pillion mounting bolt (usually on the rearward end of where the pillion sat on the fender) to where the end will disappear completely beneath the rider seat. Once you have that measurement, add 1-inch to it. That's how long your fender bib should be.

How to mount our Handcrafted Rear Fender Bib

We include a mounting hole on the rounded end to enable you to use your passenger pillion mounting bolt to secure the fender bib to the fender. If you don't have that kind of configuration or don't want that hole, you can select "no hole" in the option. We sew Velcro on the end that goes beneath the seat and include an adhesive Velcro strip that will help secure the fender bib on that end.

A few motorcycle models have a bracket on the back end of the rider seat that bolts to the fender. Although we don't punch holes to accommodate these models, it's very easy to mark and drill the necessary holes for these mounting bolts.

Fender Bib Length
Mounting Hole

This item is handcrafted in our Colorado leather shop!

A Closer Look at Chilhowee Fender Bibs

Here's why Chilhowee handcrafted leather Fender Bibs are the finest quality available:

  1. We start by selecting our hides by hand. That means we pay close attention to each hide and handpick the best leather for the job - and only the finest cuts are used.
  2. Then Chilhowee artisans cut out the fender bib template from durable 8 oz full grain, specially tanned Buffalo hide.
  3. If you order studs, we mark the fender bib for them (1-1/4 inch centers) and then hand-mount the finest quality studs available, guaranteed not to rust or discolor. You decide if you want studs!
  4. Now a premium quality concho, if that's on your option list, is positioned on the leather and installed. You pick out which concho or none at all!
  5. Next, we select a layer of butter-soft cowhide (flesh-side down) and sew it to the underside of the fender bib / tank panel to protect the finish of your fender using rot-proof stitching. If you select edge piping, it is sewn between the two layers of leather at this stage.
  6. If you opt for the hand-laced edges (our favorite), we mark the fender bib for the locations of holes (1-inch centers), and punch each hole by hand. Using 1/8-inch full grain leather lacing, the outside edges of the fender bib are laced by hand to complete the look. You decide what kind of edging!
  7. Finally, your fender bib is treated with Buffalo Butter Advanced Leather Conditioner and 303 Anti-fade Protectant to give your motorcycle leather product a great start at a long life!

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