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Chilhowee Motorcycle Leather Customer Reviews

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Just wanted to drop a quick note and say; "you did it again"! Great job on the lever grips! Again, it makes my scoot stand out from the others. 10-15 minutes installed and away I go... I was wondering, would you make leather studded mud flaps for my Yamaha Classic 650? If so what type of price and turn around would it be? Again I appreciate the same quality of product I received before on my studded floor board fringe.
Dan B. · 2002 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic · Gahanna, OH · 09/12/2002

Well, I got home last night and put the floorboard fringe & handlebar covers on my husbands Chief & they look FANTASTIC!!!! I cannot wait for him to come home, open the garage door & see it!! He's gonna love it!! Thank you so much for your wonderful work, you'll be hearing from me again when I get rid of my sporty & buy my Indian!!!!
Kat M. · 2000 Indian Chief · Augusta, ME · 09/11/2002

i havent received my order yet - it was just shipped, but i do have to compliment you on your personal approach to your customers........ i will definately send you pics of my bike with your saddlebag fringes, and floorboard fringes installed .... thanks again.
Joe ( Mad Eagle) T. · Medford, NY · 09/11/2002

I just wanted to say I agree with everything everyone said previously because I think I read every last testimonal that was from a Road Star owner. Of course, once I got started I had to read some of the other ones also. The 16" lever covers in Elk look great on my Midnight Star. Thanks for the great work and I will be back for the footboard studs.
Bill S. · 2002 Yamaha Midni · Franklin Furnace, OH · 09/10/2002

Unbelievable !!!! They are fantastic. No, make that better than fantastic. The grain is just what I was looking for. Let me think.....unbelievable customer service, superior quality product....Why go anywhere else for leather products. Chilhowee is by far the best I have ever seen and I am a leather freak. I have the lever covers on and the handle covers on as well. They really help in getting the look I am trying to achieve with my bike. My girlfriend wants the extra lever covers you sent to make sure I had the right "fit" on her bike, but I told her we need to ship them back so I KNOW she will be ordering. I have handed all your cards out and several people will be ordering this week. I also have a buddy that is going to get in touch with you for some "custom" work. Price is not an issue with him, he just loves leather and has a lot of things he would like you folks to make for his scooter.
Now the big question. I would like a tank "dashinator", kind of like what you show on your business card. Something with a pocket on it. Harley doesn't make a leather one with a pocket for my bike and I think the quality would be better comming from you folks. Got any ideas or pictures of ones you may have already made? Again 2002 Road King Classic. I would also like to see what you have in the way of chaps (winter is coming and I ride year round).
Your are the best Bro,
Ted S. · 2002 Harley-Davidson Road King · Ashburn, VA · 09/04/2002

I'm more then happy to provide feedback after my latest purchase. Once again I received exactly what I had perceived in a timely manner. I don't know how many sales I've sent your way, but have had many occasions to mention your products (Sturgis "02", VROC, etc.). Although I'm sorry to see free mailing a thing of the past, I would not hesitate to purchase your products again.
Frank (Wolf) H. · 1997 Kawasaki 1500 Cla · Parker, CO · 09/02/2002

Received my deer hide leather grip covers and they are wonderful. I am really impressed with the way they fit and definitely impressed with the way they look. Thanks for another fine product.
Frank H. L. · 2002 Honda VT750 A.C.E · Pensacola, FL · 09/02/2002

Hi Chil,
My order just arrived , and considering it had to cross the Canadian / US border I was very pleased with the time frame. Fit and finish are superb. The extra ½ inch added to the handlebars covers worked out just right. The Spirit has a pretty severe curve at the top of its bar and I thought the covers might pucker on the underside but amazingly they hugged the bars perfectly. I've attached some pics - feel free to use them. Great product!!
Dave M. · Halifax, No · 08/29/2002

Like my first purchase, this was a GREAT experience -- fast and an excellent product. Thanks again.
Doug B. · 2002 Harley-Davidson Herit · Lancaster, NY · 08/27/2002

Hey Chil!!!!
Just got done putting my grips and studded floorboard covers on, and they are awesome! And, as I knew would happen, the hubby now wants them for his bike. I will be taking a pic for your customer gallery. Thanks again,
Diane G. · Iron Mountain, MI · 08/24/2002

I received the product in a couple days after your shipping. Let me say I LOVE my lever covers!!! Installation was a breeze, and I used double stick foam tape to set them. The foam tape gives a little more "cushion" on the fingers with the incredibly soft leather! The cut was a perfect fit and they look AWESOME! I have your website bookmarked and will be keeping my eye on the Suzuki Intruder products to buy next!! Thank you for your attention to quality and detail,
Dan D. · 2002 Suzuki Intruder 800 · Lawrenceville, GA · 08/21/2002

I just bought all your wonderful leather stuff for my Fatboy - she's now a real beauty . . . when I handled your leatherwork, I knew that it carried the deep and abiding spirit of its maker! . . . But I can't find any saddle bags that I think would do my bike justice. Do you or would you make a pair of custom Saddle bags for me? My bike is black and chromed to the max with a fringe and concho Corbin seat (and now all your leather accessories with studs). Anyway, let me know if you can help .
Pamela O. · New Orleans, LA · 08/17/2002

Just wanted to let you know I installed my floorboard fringe last month just prior to leaving for my VDOG (Vulcan Drifter Owners Group) Drift-In "02" Rally in Prairie du Chein, Wis. I not only want to say how happy I am with it; but I could of handed out a 100 business cards for you. Everyone that looked at my bike asked where did you get the fringe on the floorboards (I did tell them and even posted it to our forum on line when I got home). Thank you for a great product....
I've hopefully attached a pic of my bike for you to see.
Ted B. · Tuckerton, NJ · 08/16/2002

Alright, first off an apology for taking so long in emailing you with my thoughts on the leathercraft I ordered from you guys....but it is your fault,,,:o) Those 2 simple additions, the studded runningboards and the 16in lever covers gave me a new bike to ride and that's what I did...So now it's been a few days and,,,well, it's raining, so I decided to sit down and do the chores.
How can I actually say it....It's been a while since I can recall the feeling of actually getting so much for the cost in money. You guys do a great job making something so small and simple that makes such a dramatic impact on your ride. Note: I'm not implying that the craftmanship going into it is in anyway a simple task,,,I know better,,,just the simplicity of the lever covers and the runningboard trim.
I have the MidnightStar which has the studded seats and chromed heads with the blacked out engine...those studded runningboard trims just set the whole bike off, the perfect touch for this particular bike. I am past the point of well pleased. I appreciate it guys and ladies.
I will, in the near future take a picture and email to you. It's difficult to arrange, my bike is still young and it whines a lot if it's sitting still in the sunshine....I've been patiently working with her on this and maybe I can get her to sit still for a good cleaning,,,,she likes that personal attention and if I time it right, I think I can manage to get a pic or two.... Till then.... Thanks again
Robert H. · 2001 Yamaha Midnight Star · Mangham, LA · 08/15/2002

I finally installed the covers on my 2001 Harley heritage softail classic. The task took a while as I fumbled my way through, but your directions were very helpful. The contact cement was the best idea. I'll send pics soon. The grips look great and are very comfortable and WELL made. Thanks for a great addition at a reasonable cost.
Jay P. · 2001 Harley-Davidson Herit · Fort Worth, TX · 08/14/2002

I love the covers you sent!
Please send me another set (for my other bike) on the same credit card number, same address, etc. Thanks!
Eric S. · 2001 Harley-Davidson Heritage · Plano, TX · 08/11/2002

Hey Chil,
Thanks for the message. A friend of mine happened upon your site - We both have Roadstars. He told me I was really gonna like your stuff and boy was he right! Have never seen anything like it and I love it! What cool accessories! Trust me, I'll be spreadin the word about your site and your accessories. Thanks again. Oh, and I'm sure I'll order some of the protectant also real soon. Have a good weekend.
Mark R. · 2002 Yamaha Roadstar · Oklahoma City, OK · 08/09/2002

Here is a quick note to provide some positive feedback on your products. While awaiting delivery of my new H-D, I shopped around for some accessories, including leather products. I saw your web page and liked your attitude about quality, backed up by customer testimonials. I subsequently ordered lever and hand-grip covers prior to leaving for a couple days on business. When I returned from my trip the covers were already there. A couple weeks later my bike arrived. After riding home between rain showers, I was forced to spend the rest of the afternoon in the garage while it rained. While I was there, I followed the directions provided with the covers and installed them. They fit perfectly and feel great. Since then, the rain has quit and I have received a lot of compliments from other bikers. Thanks for the quick delivery and high quality leather goods. Keep up the good work!
Jay "Hyjack" G. · Arlington, VA · 08/01/2002

Got the order Thursday - thanks for the bottle of treatment. Installed the floorboard fringe, WOW! Beautiful and simple to install, it took me all of 10 minutes and I was out riding within an hour. I love to see the breeze gently blow through them. I took my scoot over to a friends and he said they should be outlawed cause they just look to good... I love the personalization it give my bike, can't say enough, thank you, thank you, thank you! Anyways, appreciate the quality product and look forward to additions to my ride from your company. God Bless,
Dan B. · 2002 Honda V-Star 650 · Gahanna, OH · 07/14/2002

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just received my order and was immediately impressed with the quality of the Elk. The instructions were very specific and easy to follow. I didn't have to stretch the leather at all. Rather than use contact cement, my husband put a strip of two-sided adhesive tape on the levers and we had no trouble lacing up the covers. They fit just like I expected a custom cover to fit, and they look beautiful on my bike. Thank you for such quick service and for delivering exactly what I hoped I would get!
Suzanne S. · Sellersville, PA · 07/13/2002

Received my leather yesterday and put them on last night. Looks awesome! Very Very pleased!!! Thanks so much for your fine product and your service. I have several buddies I ride with and I will definitely share my experience with them.
Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Don H. · 2002 Harley-Davidson Softail · Manassas, VA · 07/09/2002

Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. Just got through putting them on. Not too hard, considering a few rum and cokes were in the way. LOL Love the look and fit. Couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again.
Brett H. · Brownwood, TX · 06/22/2002

I received my elk lever covers a while back but only had time to install them a few days ago. I'm VERY satisfied with the fit of the covers and I have to admit, I have never had any lever or grip covers that felt so good!!!
I was referred to you by a casual encounter, a car dealership finance manager, he was so happy with your product that he pulled up your website right at work for me to peruse. He guaranteed I would be satisfied but if for some reason I wasn't, he offered to buy them from me. I consider that some testimonial.
I have since told some of my friends and family about your products and passed along your web address. Thank you for a great product. Sincerely,
Dan V. · 2002 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide · Lockpo, · 06/21/2002

Hey Chil!!,
Just a note to let you know that my mom and I both received our leather and are very happy with the products! We both have gotten many compliments about the fringed running boards. My mom has bought several pairs of lever covers, thinking they were the grip covers. Now she's very happy because I finally ordered her what she wanted!!! HaHa I have a 2002 Kawasaki 800 Drifter with a solo seat. I'm interested in the rear fender bib or whatever you call it, with studs. Do you make them for the Drifter or can you custom make me one? I'll send you a picture as soon as I can find my digital camera. We went to a bike rally 3 weeks ago and it's still packed up somewhere, I think. (I hope!).
Olesha A. · Jackson, TN · 06/21/2002

Got the leather covers yesterday! Thank you so much. I love them! They fit perfectly... not like the ones I got from the Harley dealership! I needed something without too much bulk, just a bit of gripage instead of my hand sliding on the levers. These do the trick! These are so soft, and an ease to put on! Thank you once again. Took some photos... will send you one if you like.
Nancy J-Y. · 2002 Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer · , · 06/21/2002

Chil dude
got my order and got it on and damn it looks good! you guys do good work. just as soon as i can i'll send you some pics of it. in about another week or so im gonna order some't stop there - gotta have more. thanks pal - be talkin to ya soon.
David P. · 2001 Kawasaki 1500 LC Intruder · Henry, TN · 06/20/2002

Hi Chil,
Wanted to let you know that I received the elk lever covers and you are absolutely right on how soft to the touch. I installed them yesterday and again you are right, they are a perfect fit. In fact they look like they were injected molded to the lever. The installation went smoothly thanks to your excellent instruction sheet. Yes, I read it first!! Also a big thanks for recommending the 303 Aerospace Protectant. I had never seen this product before. After installing the lever covers I treated the entire bike's leathers, plastics and tires with 303 and can not believe how great it looks. This product will always be on the shelf from now on. Thank you,
Dave T. · Joliet, IL · 06/19/2002

THANK-YOU SO MUCH! YOU REALLY NOW HOW TO MAKE A LADY HAPPY!!!!! I really didn't expect my order to ship so soon. I guess everything that is said about your customer service is above and beyond being true. I can't wait for my girlfriends and guys to see these. Thanks again,
Debbi G. · Cardale, PA · 06/17/2002

I got my order today. The package got here quickly, and everything was in perfect condition. The lever covers and handlebar covers are fantastic; I love them. I'll e-mail you a couple photos when I get some. Thanks for the great customer service.
Susan K. · Austin, TX · 06/17/2002

Just got the deer skin covers I ordered a few days ago and have to say I enjoy squeezing that clutch lever even more now! They're a great addition and your method of shipping to Canada was quick and inexpensive! You can count on my return business and I'll gladly point my Canadian riding partners in your direction anytime!
Mike L. · 2001 Honda Shadow Spirit · Toronto, Ca · 06/13/2002

Thank you so much!!! The leather goodies are a perfect fit. And the quality of the workmanship and the leather are phenomenal. I will definitely be placing an order for some more of your products in the very near future. By the way, my wife was so impressed, that I think that she will be ordering some stuff for her bike as well. Here are some pictures of my 2000 Yamaha v-star with your products. Thanks again!!
John M. · Remlap, AL · 06/09/2002

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent work. It really brings out the best in our bikes. Your work is excellent quality and workmanship. Thanks again.
Holly & Doug W. · Aiken, SC · 06/09/2002

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the studded leather floorboard fringe I ordered just arrived. I'm very impressed with the workmanship that went in to it, and it looks fantastic on my scoot! I won't hesitate to tell anyone who asks where I got them.Thanks again
Scott B. · Brampton, On · 05/27/2002

Just to let you know, I got the studded Buffalo engine guard covers this past Saturday. They're on and look great! I hope they never have to be used...
Mark W. · Akron, PA · 05/22/2002

You asked me to email after I installed my covers on my Kaw Vulcan 800 Classic (VN800B). I actually read the instructions! It took me a while to install them because the weather has not co-operated until today (too cold for the contact cement to work!). Installation was EASY, perfect fit, no stretching needed. LOOKS TOO COOL!!!! The business card you sent showed a tank bra. Do you make a tank bra for my bike? Thanks!
Kent P. · Algonquin, IL · 05/15/2002

Received my covers last Thursday and immediately put them on. After reading the instructions a couple of times, I had no problem putting them on. I love them! They are the first of many customizations I plan on applying to my bike. I will definitely be back to your site for more leather! It was so easy to order and I can't believe how quickly it was shipped! The 303 is great too! I used it not only on the lever covers, but on my seat, gloves, and jacket. I already need more! Here are a couple of pics of my new covers. Thanks again for the great service and product!
Mike G. · West Melbourne, FL · 05/13/2002

Received my Lever Covers w/Fringe today, my terrific wife installed them for me and they look absolutely great....even better than I expected. They are just what my 1100 Ace needed to add that "Classic" touch. They feel great too. I was amazed at how soft the deerskin is. The 303 spray is a terrific product as well. After treating the covers, I wiped a little on my tank bib and was amazed at how rich it looked afterward. This is 1 time when I feel I truly got my moneys worth on a sweet product.
Thanks - You Folks Rock!
Wayne C. · Brook Park, Oh · 05/09/2002

I placed my order for a pair of lever covers almost 3 weeks ago. I sent an email telling you that they had not yet arrived. You responded promptly and credited my card for the purchase and sent the covers as well. I have to say, this is a good example of great customer service. I received my covers today and they are great.
By the way, I will tell all of my friends to shop at Chilhowee for all their leather needs. Thanks
Michael O. · Cincinnati, OH · 05/06/2002

I received the lever covers on Saturday, put them on the bike and we did about 250 miles today (Sunday). I was really impressed with how the Elk seemed to flow and conform to the compound curves on the levers as I laced them on. They feel so good, I may have to cut the fingers off all my gloves. Seriously, they are a superior product. I had inquiries about them from three different people today. I would be surprised if you did not receive an order or two as a result. Thanks for handling top of the line products and for the personal touch. It is rare.
Regards and ride safe,
Sid B. · 2000 Kawasaki Nomad · San Antonio, TX · 04/28/2002

I received my lever covers and footboard fringe today and they looked great. I'm going to wash my Harley and install them on Thursday so I'll let you know how they look. I had to laugh ... I opened the box at work (hair salon) one of my clients thought it was a new bathing suit. Boy did that get a laugh!!! She thought the lever covers were the top and the floorboard fringe was the bottoms! I guess she figured since I'm a Harley chick anything goes huh? LOL ;-) Anyway we all got a good laugh on that one and I bet that was a first!
I'll send a picture of my new "bathing suit" as soon as I install them!
Molly F. · Charles Town, WV · 04/23/2002

My deer skin lever covers arrived and were on my FXD literally within minutes after I received them. I secured them with some two-sided carpet tape and it seems to hold them tight. Both look and feel are outstanding. Great product at a very good price.
Harold M. · Franklin, TN · 04/18/2002

Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the grips I ordered. Top quality and follow up service was very good. As expendable income becomes available I will be ordering more. Thanks,
Ted D. · Hebron, IL · 04/16/2002

I just finished installing my fringe footboard covers and the brake/clutch lever covers on my 2001 1500cc Drifter and they look great. Thanks for making custom products for the metric cruisers.
Scott S. · Lowell, ME · 04/15/2002

Thanks for the great customer service man! Yer right on top of things and have a nice way of "being reachable" to the customer. That's always a good thing!! Great PR skills!! . . . I'll see what a few select brutha's say when they see em. If they're interested, I will forward your name to all I ride with on any notice of the board-fringes! I'll also send ya an email note with a pic or two in Jpeg format if ya want to see my installation technique. Thanks again brutha...........
Phil (YamaHogger) L. · Modesto, CA · 04/12/2002

Talk about great customer service!!! I wish there were more people like you!! I'm buying!!! Thanks so much! I'm ordering the floorboard fringe and lever fringe tonight and I'll figure out my seat needs this weekend. I have to get this done before Rolling Thunder in DC! Thanks again!
Molly F. · Charles Town, WV · 04/11/2002

Wow! I read the testimonials about how great your customer service was, but I was a little skeptical. This is fantastic though. Don't ever change the way you do business, good customer service is a rare commodity these days! Thank you, and I'll be sure to let you know what I think of the lever covers when I receive them. Again, thanks.
Stephan L. · Lansdowne, MD · 04/11/2002

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I love my new fringe lever covers that I ordered from ya'll! They are beautiful and fit perfectly!! Thank you!
Larise C. · 2002 Harley-Davidson S · Round Top, TX · 04/06/2002

These lever covers are fantastic. I think they're probably one of the best accessories that I've added to my bike. They look cool and provide an excellent grip on the levers. I get comments on them everywhere I go, and I always tell them to look you up on The Net. Here's a few PICs of them on my '01 Yamaha VStar 1100. Thanks again for a high-quality, reasonably priced product. By the way, do you guys have anything new?
Dave R. · Woodstock, GA · 04/04/2002

Just wanted to say that I received the lever covers for my Road Star ... and am I impressed. These are really high quality and the fit is really outstanding took me about 20 minutes to get them on. My wife even liked them and she really didn't like the long fringe at first. I really like the feel of them, I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, because I have seen some that are not this kind of quality. So thanks for a GREAT product.
One other thing ... on the little card that came with my covers it says that you have windshield bags. However, I cannot find them on your web site. I have a Memphis Shade windshield on my Road Star ... so I am looking for a bag for it. Thanks,
Randy J. · Fayetteville, NC · 04/01/2002

received my fork covers and floor board fringe this past week and just installed them (easy). I was a little worried about the fringe, I wasn't sure that the adhesive would be enough to hold them, but I just finished a 200 mile run , most of it at 70mph, and they never moved. Stopped at a bar, there must have been 75 Harley-Davidsons there and my one Roadstar. When they started to gather around my bike I started to think maybe they were going to burn it, but I found out they were admiring the floorboards. So thanks I 'm really happy with your products.
Raymond E. · Ronkonkoma, NY · 03/31/2002

Hi Chil,
Just a note to let you know that your accessories arrived, and have been installed with ease.
The appearance enhancement is obvious, and what I am also impressed with was your careful packaging and the simplicity of application. Your enclosed directions are very clear, and the "tips" are great. I would have never thought of those ideas (such as the use of contact cement on my grips and levers) on my own. I also saved some frustration with your email response to my questions about positioning the lacing for palm/finger comfort, which might be a good "tip" addition for the grip/lever covers.
The floorboard covers went on with equal ease, following your directions closely. I appreciate excellence, and your product line is extremely well crafted, simply applied, and the customer service is outstanding. I'm still thinking about the bag fringe, but love what you've sent me thus far.
Another plus is your protectant, the benefits of which (I think) are just slightly understated. Not only is that stuff good for leather but, according to the bottle, is great for many different surfaces, including the protection of my windshield and painted surfaces of the bike. Thanks again,
Randall P. · Dallas, TX · 03/25/2002

Thanks Chil, I love the fact that you sit down and take the time to write me an email just for the hell of it. I'm sure I'll return to you for your seat fringe sometime down the road, and I will definitely be telling my friends about your company.
Nathaniel M. · Middletown, DE · 03/24/2002

Just got the seat fringe kit and it looks AWESOME!!! It is really going to make our 1947 Harley-Davidson knucklehead look great. We are going to look on your website to see what else you have. We might want to order more stuff. We both agreed that it looks GREAT!! Thanks so much for your customer service and patience with our "post office problem". Thanks Again,
Becky G. · Soldier, IA · 03/23/2002

Chil & Company,
Just received my lever covers Saturday after returning from a club ride. Put them on and am very happy with them, particularly since I replaced them for a brand-type I bought just two weeks ago. Yours really feels like it is part of the lever and not a bulky add on. I also appreciate the level of customer follow up and the fact that each correspondance is (or at least feels like) it is directed toward each individual, including the way the instructions are written. Thanks again.
Sal H. aka BIGDOG98 - Texas Southern Cruisers · San, · 03/18/2002

You guys are the best. When the new lever covers get here I will mail back the ones that came. The set that you sent look great, almost enough to want to buy the 650 custom just to use them. Once again thank you for the great service. I have shown your products to friends and they all agree that these are quite simply the best quality they have ever seen. The elk skin is definitely the way to go.
Rich A. · Cleveland, OH · 03/12/2002

What can I say Chil, the fork covers look incredible!! They fit perfect!!! I really appreciate all the follow ups on when they were made and the delivery date on them!! I will continue to do all of my leather buying from you bro!!! Thanks!!
Mark Z. · Medina, OH · 03/10/2002

Chil, I wanted to tell you and your staff thank you for the great products that you offer! I wanted some special fringe made using black Road King studs, you found a supplier, made them to my specifications and shipped it all out in less than a week!!! Everything looks great. The installation was a snap. Now my Road King has a very distinct look,thanks to you and your staff. Thanks again and keep doing business the way you are now. The follow up was really outstanding - you don't get that much anymore.
Mike H. · Sarasota, FL · 03/09/2002


I just wanted to let you all know how delighted I am with your product. I have included 2 pictures (full and front} of the fork covers and the fringes for the floorboards. What do you think? Most of all I was impressed by your service. My telephone call was returned promptly and my order was at my house in a timely manner. I would like to put fringes around my Silverado V-Star seats. Can you make a recommendation based on the picture? Thanks again from phoenix
Alan M. · Peoria, AZ · 02/23/2002


I received my tank bra today and I love it. It's just how I wanted it and it fits perfectly. You did a super job and I really appreciate it. You will definately get my business in the future. Once again thanks.
Don S. · Shade Gap, PA · 02/21/2002


Got the ,a href="">floorboard fringe & brake & clutch covers on two days ago. They fit perfect & look great. I've got an upholster lined up to do the seat fringe (as soon as we have two rainy days). Thanks for your personal attention to detail & customer support. You have been by far the best on-line motorcycle accessory company that I've ever dealt with.
Terry P. · Suffolk, VA · 02/21/2002


Just got the chaps today and they look great on the bike (check out the pictures). They look and feel rugged indeed. They really do look and feel great. I can't wait to hit the road. Thanks again!!
Dane K. · Olympia, WA · 02/20/2002

Hi Chil...

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with the lever covers. I recieved my order Saturday and installed them today. Installation was simple and only took about 15 min. The leather is so basically molds itself to the levers. They look GREAT!!! Key fob is very cool also!! Your product line is varied and your name has come up in the motorcycle forums with positive response and there is definitely a BIG market out there for your "stuff"! Thanks again for the FAST shipping and again...we gotta get together and go riding!
Danny T. · Cave Junction, OR · 02/17/2002


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order. The Engine Guard Covers look GREAT !!! and the fit is OUTSTANDING !!! I am very impressed with the quality of your product. I am looking forward to purchasing additional leather items from your company in the future. I am also impressed with the 303 Protectant, I can definitely see a difference.
Brenda D. · Tallahassee, FL · 02/04/2002


Where to begin...the Elk skin covers are unmatched in quality, looks and overall appeal. I intentionally held off on sending my response to you until I was able to attend a bike show here in Atlanta. One of the reasons for going was to compare the Elk skin covers with all of the various dealers selling 'leather' covers. Regardless of dealer, each and every leather cover I looked at was inferior to the Elk skin. The leather was dull, stiff as cardboard and NOT cut to fit my particular levers. To top it off, they were even priced higher. Your lever covers have added value and character to my 2002 1500 Nomad. No 'leather' cover could have even come close.

Thank you for providing such quality and workmanship to those of us who demand only the best for our bikes.
A customer for life,
Dave 'Scaboo' P. · Acworth, GA · 01/28/2002

Hey Chil.
I wanted to drop a line and let you know that I finally got around to installing my Elk Floorboard fringe. I purchased it from you last fall, but you see, my bike has been in storage pretty much since. Even though it's winter, we got a break yesterday and the temps. made it up to around 60 degrees. I cancelled all other plans and went to storage and got my bike! Pulled in the garage and went to work on the floorboards. All I can say is, "wow---what a nice touch!" The fringe is fantastic and you were right about the ease of installation. Trust me on this, if I can do it, ANYONE can. No kidding. What a difference. I wished it was summer. I can't wait until my buddies see the new addition! Really great work. I appreciate it very much. Take care!
Barry B. · Indianapolis, IN · 01/27/2002


Please add the ,a href="">8oz. 303 Aerospace Protectant to my order.
Everything I read on the web about your customer service is true!!!!
Ann K. · Bahama, NC · 01/25/2002


I've installed my lever covers and they look great. They fit like a glove. I wasn't quite sure how to best finish the process. I simply just tied them off at the end. Thanks so much for your quality workmanship and the great customer service you've provided. I'll be sure to let others know where I got them. happy trails and god bless.
Dave C. · Lewiston, ME · 01/19/2002


I just got the replacement cover today and put it on. It looks great!! Fits just like the other side does now. I really want to thank you for all your help in getting this right. Here is a testimonial for your webpage. Also, please let others email me ( if they are looking for comments on your service or quality. I will be more than happy to give a good recommendation. Thanks again for making sure my bike looks perfect!!!

I ordered a set of Elk lever covers from Chil for my Honda ACE 750. The quality and look of the covers was outstanding. When I put them on the bike, however, one of the covers was just a bit short and did not completely wrap around the lever. No big deal but I sent Chil an email just as a heads up as one thing he could improve. I was still happy with the covers. Chil was not, however. Chil insisted that he send another cover that would fit. I tried this new one with the same result and told Chil I was happy with what I had and not to worry. Chil was adament about getting this right however so I asked him to cut me a new cover about 1/4 inch bigger than the original. This cover fit perfectly and now my bike looks outstanding. You do NOT find this type of customer service anymore. Chil went the extra mile to make sure my bike looked perfect! I highly recommend his products and you definitely will be pleased with his level of service.
Dale B. · 2005 Honda Ace 750 · Folsom, CA · 01/18/2002


Man, I am impressed with the ,a href="">lever covers I purchased back in December...I bought a pair for my 95 Honda Shadow VT1100C and a friends 01 Harley Dyna-Wide Glide...I also purchased a bottle of the 303 Protectant...The covers went on like a dream... The 303 Protectant is like , amazing...I used it on everything I could spray it on...All my leather, and was very happy... I have told all my friends and hope you are getting more business from North Carolina...Great product...I will be in touch for a quote on some "Custom Work"... Thanks,
Greg · 1995 Honda Shadow · Charlotte, NC · 01/17/2002


Received the fob this afternoon, really nice! Last year I saw one like it at Bike Week in Daytona and have wanted one ever since. Came across your web site last week and immediatly ordered one. I'm very impressed with the quality and with the fast service you provided. Thanx Again!
Bill M. · Orlando, FL · 01/15/2002


Installing the saddlebag fringe was sooooooo easy and it looks fantastic. My Heritage Springer will be in a show in mid January here in the Akron, Ohio area. I will let everyone know about your product. Thanks!
Keith H. · Akron, OH · 12/30/2001


I recently purchased a set of Lever Covers from you. Your advertised shipping date and status via e-mail was right on the money. My order shipped on Monday, I received my order on Friday (all this during the Christmas Holidays). For some reason one of them did not snug up on the lever as advertised. I notified you of the problem. I got prompt e-mail response that a replacement would be sent immediately. Three days later I received my replacement as promised and it fit snug. My Shadow looks great with the new Deer Skin covers. When riding they flow in the wind as graceful as the "Stars and Stripes".
I will recommend your products to my riding club. Keep up the tradition and customer satisfaction. Thanks,
Max D. · Fredericksburg, VA · 12/28/2001

Chil & company

What can I say except ... WOW! As you can guess I just received my order and this has to be some of the best leather that I have ever seen. In a previous email I asked about fender biband tank bibs and I got to say when you have them give me a shout because I will be the second person in line right behind you Chil. Also want to know if you make other items. I would love to get a jacket made out of this stuff. Can't wait to put it on the bike and see what others have to say. Thanks again.
Mike M. · Lockport, IL · 12/02/2001


You just keep on getting better with all of your fabulous leather goodies and take that as a compliment bro... you are the best. I just love your products... my bike is totally stoking from all of your leather that I have ordered from you.... Yes I will order the new studded floorboard fringe to replace the original plain ones I bought... Happy Thanksgiving,
Bucky H. · Oakland, CA · 11/23/2001


I just got a chance to install the covers this past weekend. Everything worked out fine. The fit was great, and the look was perfect! The bike looks real sharp now. If I had a digital camera, I'd send you a pic. The Elk leather was so soft; I wanted to wear it myself. Any chance you do bracelets? Thanks again for a great product and excellent customer service.
Rey. B. · San Antonio, TX · 11/19/2001


Thanks for the update! You should teach a course in customer service.
Barry C. · Southlake, TX · 11/16/2001

Hi Chil,

Thanks for staying in touch through the ordering process. Your customer service is phenomenal. I only wish more businesses used you as an example. I will definitely let you know how everything works out. Thanks,
Rey B. · San Antonio, TX · 11/12/2001


Thanks for the excellent product and fast delivery. The Elk Leather is superb in look and fit. 303 makes a HUGE difference. I am very impressed with its use on my Hot Tub Lid, Seats, etc. Another happy customer Chil. I am sure I will need more 303 in the very near future.
John M. · Oklahoma, OK · 11/07/2001


I finally got around to putting my lever covers on last night. All I can say is DAMN... these are really sweet!!!! A perfect tight fit, beautiful, soft leather. If anyone is thinking about buying lever covers, buy them from Chilhowee. You wont be disappointed. I also bought a key fob and it is really nice too.
Brian L. · Logan, Oh · 11/05/2001


The key fob arrived to day, great quality, color and look... Thanks for being so quick about shipping...
Chuck S. · Vallejo, CA · 11/01/2001


Have received the order today of the deerskin lever covers. Only took just over a week to get to Australia. Fitted perfectly in 10 minutes. Thanks for a really quality product and speedy service. I have purchased similar products from other companies and have been extremely disappointed with the product and have subsequently taken them off after a short time due to the poor quality. Your product appears to be an exceptional fit and looks good and I hope to get many years of service out of them.
Thanks again for your customer service. I will recommend your company to anyone I know wanting to purchase leather products.
Phil D. · 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter · Cairns, Au · 10/30/2001

Hi Chil,

Got the fork covers, ,a href="">lever covers, and floorboard fringe on Friday, installed them today (sat) they look great, went on with no problems, loved the instructions :), all I can say is WOW!, thanks again for your concern, your the best, many thanks,
David F. · Miami, FL · 10/27/2001


Just wanted to let you know that I received my covers and have put them on the bike and they are awesome. I'm glad I went with the elk, they are so smooth. I'll make sure and let everyone that I ride with know where I got them. Also, when I get some more pictures made, I'll be sure to send you one. Thanks,
Neill H. · Augusta, GA · 10/19/2001


Installation was a snap. Quality is top notch. Haven't ridden yet but it has already changed the personality of the bike. I requested that they be added to the Cruiser Customizer website so that I can give you a great review.
Dan T. · Chino Hills, CA · 10/16/2001

Hey Chil,

Received my floorboard fringe yesterday in the mail. Beautiful!! Thanks alot for your great product and customer service, it seems not enough vendors understand these concepts anymore. I will definitely be looking to your site for any of my future leather purchases. Thanks again,
Mike V. · Andover, MN · 10/10/2001


I received my lever covers today and have just finished installing them. The covers look absolutely great and installation was a snap. I'm sure looking forward to seeing how they feel. Thanks for a great product.
David K. · Parker, CO · 10/09/2001

Hey Chili,

The covers and key fobs got here! They are SO soft! We're going to put them on tomorrow! Will keep you posted!
Greg S. · San Antonio, TX · 10/09/2001


Elk Floorboard Fringe arrived today 10/5/2001. They went on easy with some of the tips you sent with them. Super work, and they really look Great!!. I will pass on to my friends this great product. Thanks Chilhowee for the workmanship that's so hard to find today.
Mike K - Southern Cruisers Riding Club - Wet Butt R · Alcvy River, GA · 10/06/2001


Thanks for the personal attention - it's not something I'm used to nowadays... will be sure to advertise your product for you by word of mouth... still the best way to sell stuff... have you considered fringe for the bottom of the Silverado bags? Now that there are a couple of Silverado models I think it might be a winner for ya' - then again, I don't know what it takes to fabricate something... anyhow, I'd certainly be interested...once again, your attention to personal detail goes a long way. thanks
James D. · Biscayne Park, FL · 10/05/2001


The elk skin lever covers arrived Friday and I "installed" them on Saturday. They look fantastic, a major improvement over cheaper cowhide versions I tried once and removed after a week or so. The soft texture does allow it to conform to the lever so tightly that it takes on a custom appearance, and I'm more than pleased with the quality. I'm riding with a group of friends this weekend and I'm sure they'll be impressed with the new covers. I'll send their business your way if they want the same.
Craig B. · Debary, FL · 10/02/2001


Thanks for the prompt delivery! I received the items on Monday and installed them this afternoon. The key fob and the lever covers are top shelf, the fit was perfect and installation was a breeze! I always knew the black Roadstars were the fastest, but I think my black '99 picked up a couple of ponies with the addition of your products. he he he. Thanks tons Chil, keep up the great work. Talk to ya soon.
Scott B. · Miller Place, NY · 10/02/2001

Thanks Chil.
I put the lever covers on this weekend. They look and fit great. I'll give you some kudos on the forum. later,
Jerry F. · Hermitage, TN · 10/01/2001

Hey Chil,

man these babies sure made it here fast!!! They're on the bike and look great. If you'd like I'll send ya some pics when I get around to taking some. The install was simple. Thanks a ton, and if you would like some pics give me a shout.
Larry P. · Beloit, WI · 10/01/2001


I have had the lever covers swinging in the breeze for about 200 miles, and they are GREAT!!. They were easy to install. I entered my Silverado in a local bike show yesterday, and won a trophy. It must have been the lever covers that did it. I am talking to the wife and maybe Santa might bring me the floor board and fender fringe. Talk to you soon, ride safe.
Brent S. · Crown Point, IN · 10/01/2001


Thanks for the follow-up and the advise. I put the floorboard fringe on the moment the package arrived in the mail. LOOKS GREAT!
Jay H. · Dayton, OH · 10/01/2001


I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and have installed the grip covers. I love them! Very soft! The key ring is great too! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner (they came in last week) as I have been busy coordinating and then going to NYC to assist with EMS support. Again, thank you for the great transaction and the great product!
Shawn L. · Tupper Lake, NY · 09/26/2001

Dear Chilhowee,

I just received my lever covers today in the mail and I installed them this afternoon. I am very impressed with this product, it fits excellent and looks great on the bike. I used a rubber cement to secure them from moving while installing the laces and I know they will last for years. I will pass on to my friends this great product and thanks again for making something that functions as well as it looks.
Craig S. · 2002 Kawasaki Mean Streak · Reading, PA · 09/22/2001

Hello Chilhowee,

Excellent quality! I love them. Do you have them also for the Vulcan 800 (Kawasaki)?? My wife saw them and wants them on her 800 too. Best regards,
Udo J. · 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan · Kerhonkson, NY · 09/19/2001


got the wraps today, got them on, and they're great! Thanks again. Sometimes you never know how an internet transaction is going to work out -- I couldn't ask for a better outcome for this one. But I'm sure I've told you "thanks" enough. I'll get on the ISRA tonight and put in another good word for you. Also, I'll hold onto your card (thanks for that, I'll put it to good use) and give the info to my friends who ride. Thanks again, I'm a very happy customer
Shawn H. · Lewisville, TX · 08/31/2001


I received the lever wraps yesterday. They are as good as you say. They went on in a snap and look great. Thanks Much.
D. C. · Grand Prairie, TX · 08/31/2001

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