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Our custom leather shop has relocated to Colorado, but only select products are currently available to order. More products will be available each week.

About Chilhowee Motorcycle Leather

Having ridden motorcycles since his youth, in early 2001 Chil Livingood purchased a new big V-twin cruiser and started customizing it to match his tastes. The first thing he did was to purchase what ended up being a poor-fitting, cheap looking pair of fringe cowhide lever covers. He quickly became disgusted with them, took them off, and threw them in a box in his leather shop.

Original Shop Chilhowee Motorcycle Leather
Then it dawned on him! Why not craft his own custom designed leather accessories that will be guaranteed to fit his motorcycle? And that's exactly what he did. He measured the parts of his motor where he wanted the accessories, then took some Elk, Deer, and Buffalo hide from his Native American supplies, and began making some awesome leather stuff for his scooter! And what a difference it made! Besides looking and fitting great, they felt incredibly soft to the touch.  

To see if any of his brothers and sisters on the motorcycle forums might be interested, he made several trips to the Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory, and Yamaha dealerships. he then carefully measured the varying widths, lengths, and circumferences of clutch and brake levers, forks and shock covers, floorboards, etc. so Chil could offer the same custom fitted products for the most popular cruisers.

When Chil received 40 orders his first week after posting his products on various motorcycle forums, it became obvious that riders all over America, Canada, and elsewhere were looking for custom-fitted, exotic leather accessories. The rest is history! Chilhowee staff never get tired of reading the email from satisfied customers. It makes their hard work worth it.

Chil (Tim) Livingood and daughter Courtney
Chil (Tim) Livingood
and daughter Courtney
Chil and his staff's journey now is a path to find balance, harmony, and connection with the earth and all life in the Sacred Circle. Their mission is very simple, and they test everything they do against it - from selecting leather hides to the way they protect the fringe from getting wrinkled in the packaging and shipping process: It is our mission to make sure every customer's experience with Chilhowee exceeds their expectations, hopes, and needs.

"Ours is a journey to harmony and connection that will bring us to a place of integrity and to care for the Earth and all our family."

Chilhowee ("Chil") Livingood, Cherokee Artisan

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