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Shadow Spirit 1100 Saddlebags

Our Saddlebags for Shadow Spirit 1100 - VT1100C motorcycles, like all of the products we make and sell in our store, have to meet some extremely tough Chilhowee standards. And you need to know everything you can about them before investing your hard-earned dollars in a set that will either add to or take away from the looks, character, and functionality of your ride.

Pictures of saddlebags are helpful - but quite honestly, pictures simply aren't enough. And not everyone can ride to our store, touch and feel the saddlebags, smell the rich premium steer hide, fiddle with the quick release buckles, or have a Chilhowee expert provide important details in person.

As true leather experts, we know our Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 - VT1100C saddlebags inside and out; front and back; on and off your motorcycle. We can tell you exactly how they're made, what they're made from, and why our saddlebags have passed the tough Chilhowee Motorcycle Leather test. That's why every saddlebag on our website displays more information about their construction, leather thickness and qualities, hardware, and saddlebag features than other companies. Here's what you should know:

Quick Release 7199S Throw-Over, Studs
Quick Release 7199S Throw-Over, Studs
Price $229.00
Low Profile 788 Throw-Over
Low Profile 788PLow Profile 788 Throw-Over
Price $256.90
Low Profile 788SP with Studs Throw-Over
Low Profile 788SP with Studs Throw-Over
Price $275.00
Detachable 7188 S Throw-Over
Detachable 7188 S Throw-Over
Price $219.00

Leather Thickness

This is important. We use 10 -12 oz, stiff, shape-holding leather (steer hide). Good saddlebags are made of a minimum of 8-ounce leather, and the best bags are made of 10-ounce or thicker leather (3/16"). While saddlebags with thinner leather may look good on the shelf or when you first mount them on your bike, they won't stay that way. The bags will ultimately break down, sag, and look worse than you'd hoped.


The heavy stitching on our bags is rot-proof nylon and recessed just below the surface of the leather (stitching that lies on top of the leather is more subject to wear and may break prematurely). The stitching is symmetrically spaced, with no less than five stitches per inch.

Saddlebag Design

Our Shadow Spirit 1100 compatible saddlebags are made with no more than four (4) pieces of leather. One piece is used to make the bottom and side panels, another piece for the front, one for the back, and one for the lid, which is sewn securely to the back. Each piece is precision cut, designed to fit together without gaps or pinches. Finally, the edges of the leather are finished (slick and slightly hardened) so that you can't scratch them with your fingernail.

Dyes and Finishes

The hides used to make our saddlebags are drum dyed and dye-struck. That means that the leather is black all the way through the leather. The dye and finishing process, affects the longevity of the saddlebags.


We use only the highest quality chrome plated brass studs, buckles, and other hardware - guaranteed not to rust!

A Solid Guarantee

Chilhowee guarantees the workmanship and quality of the saddlebags you purchase from us, and most of our Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 - VT1100C motorcycle saddlebags have a Lifetime Warranty.

Although our fitment chart indicates the following saddlebags are known to have been mounted on and fit the Honda Shadow Spirit 1100, it is only a guide - not a guarantee of fit. We recommend that you compare the saddlebag dimensions with the available space on your bike. Click Here for instructions. In addition, some saddlebags may require turn signal relocation.

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