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Motorcycle Saddlebag Fringe

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How to Install Motorcycle Leather Saddlebag Fringe

  • First, you'll need the Barge All Purpose cement we included in your shipment, other contact cement, Goop, or other product that works well on leather to leather/vinyl applications. The Barge is an excellent product for this application, and is probably the most popular adhesive of shoemakers.
  • As you can see, each fringe cover is one piece, approximately 38 inches in length. The fringe portion begins below a to 1-inch solid strip at the top of the fringe. The location of the fringe will depend on the saddlebags your fringe will be installed on, and on your particular tastes.
  • Most people will lift the lid of their saddlebag and install the fringe at the top of saddlebag opening. You can get an idea of how it will look if you drape the fringe beneath the lid and around the saddlebag. Then you can then decide approximately where you want placement.
  • Ok, ready? You're going to carefully spread a moderate coat of the contact cement around the saddlebag where the fringe will go. It's easiest to use a Q-tip or two during the process. Also apply a moderate bead to the top of the saddlebag fringe where it will ultimately attach to the saddlebag. Wait 7-10 minutes after you've applied the glue, then, begin to carefully and firmly press the first end of the fringe cover against the gooey, contact cemented saddlebag, working the cover around until the entire length of the fringe cover is firmly pressed against the saddlebag. CAUTION: the glue is so tacky that where it touches it sticks (or should). If you line it up incorrectly, simply peel off that portion and lay it straight. It should stick just as well the second time if you do it immediately! If it doesn't reapply a little contact cement to the area and continue the process. It's best to allow the adhesive bond to cure for two (2) hours before showing off your new bags!

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