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Leather Care Products

Protect your leather investment - Prevent premature aging, cracking, and fading!

Chilhowee Buffalo Butter

Leather care buffalo butter leather conditioner

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  • Premium Leather Conditioner
  • Prevents drying and cracking
  • Highly Water Repellant
  • Inhibits Mold and Mildew
  • Allows Leather to "Breathe"
  • Restores Old Leather
  • Formulated with the finest Leather Oils
  • Infused with Shea Butter

303 Anti-Fade Protectant

Leather care anti-fade protectant

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  • It's Like SPF 40 For Your Stuff
  • Prevents Fading
  • Repels Water
  • Works on Vinyl, Too
  • Spray On, Wipe Off
  • Lasts 4 - 10 times longer than other Protectants


Keep Your Leather from Getting Dry, Cracked, and Stiff!
Leather is simply what used to be an animal's protective skin. And like your skin, without proper care, leather will become dry and cracked - getting old before it's time. Let's face it - no one likes dry, cracked leather? So to keep your leather looking great and feeling soft, you need to apply premium leather conditioner and protectant on a regular basis.

Exotic Skins and Hides Need Special Care
For Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Ostrich, Shark, and other exotic leather, you'll need an enhanced conditioner and protectant like Chilhowee Buffalo Butter. Normal leather conditioners simply don't provide the kind of penetrating moisturizer and oil restoration these specially tanned hides require. Only Chilhowee Buffalo Butter contains the ingredients proven to condition, preserve, and protect your investment.

303 Anti-Fade
Originally developed for the aviation & aerospace industries, 303 leather protectant uses a unique chemical technology that can, with regular use, protect your leather up to 100% from UV induced fade. Unlike common leather protectant and other leather treatment products, 303 contains no silicone oils or petroleum distillates. Today hundreds of manufacturers, having discovered 303's amazing leather protective properties, specify 303 in their maintenance and care instructions.

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