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Chilhowee Motorcycle Leather & Accessories, Riding Apparel & Equipment, Grants Pass, OR

Chilhowee Customer Reviews

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Hey Guys,

I just keep coming back! Though the mud flaps were a bit more dough than other places I looked, I couldn't help myself but to order through you guys. I know that craftsmanship and awesomeness of the mud flaps were going to be of your higher caliber material and paid careful attention to when in the making. They are on the bike now and they just look so sharp! Hands down, well worth the money!

Rick S. · Lynden, WA · 12/18/2014

Hi all,

I ordered the Men's Road Captain Motorcycle Boots and just wore them for the first time today. Obviously, boots need more wear to break them in really good, but I can't complain now either. They are extremely comfortable and look better than what I originally anticipated. Thanks for the outstanding product!

Dale M. · Porter, IN · 09/27/2014


Thanks for the great experience! I do all my shopping online and I'm so glad I found you guys because you offer such high quality product for a good price. I will be adding your guys to my favorites list for sure.

Logan A. · Lisbon, IL · 09/23/2014


Wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful service I received and simplicity of fitting my lever covers onto my brand new bike. I love the style and how easy it is to attach just in case one day I'm feeling it and the next day, I'm not. I can change the look of my bike with the ease of your covers. Thanks team!

Vincent K. · Ida Grove, IA · 08/30/2014


Kickstand cover just came in. Looks great, feels great! Definitely a satisfied customer. You guys have my stamp of approval!

Jack E. · North Albany, OR · 08/07/2014

Hi Team,

I've ordered all my leather essentials through you guys and have never once been let down. You continue to amaze me. My latest order were some custom fit leather chaps and I pull in so many compliments while wearing these. Thanks for the help guys!

Linda W. · Frederick, MD · 07/01/2014


Don't know what I would do without you and your team! What excellent service, care, and product. My shipment of fender bibs came in today and they look great on the bike! Can't wait to order more leather for the bike in the next few weeks. Thanks for all that you and your team offer!

Jill S. · Whitefish, MT · 04/12/2014


Was unsure about sporting some leather bags on my Suzuki Boulevard C 50 B.O.S.S.. But after riding around with it naked and wearing a backpack to carry my gear, I thought it was time for a new fix. I spoke with one of your employees, can't remember which one, but they were comforting in helping me make my decision to order a set of saddlebags from your company. The bags are the best fit! Bike looks great and I have all that weight off my back. Thanks Chilhowee.

Matthew B. · Forestbrrok, SC · 02/17/2014

Hi there,
REMARKABLE hand crafted leather! My engine guard covers fit nice a snug with a sleek lace design. The durability of them is great, resting my feet up on the pegs, the dirt wipes right off with no scratches. Very TOUGH!

Lucas O. · Woodbridge, NJ · 01/14/2014

Dear Chilhowee,

You guys have a great product! Not only did I buy a pair of saddlebags from you guys that fit perfectly to my Harley, but I also got some of the Buffalo Butter that you offer for your leather products. The bags are strong and durable but everything takes a wear a tear over the years. So I slap on the Buffalo butter every now and then and it takes the abrasions from rocks kicking up, right out of the bag, and makes them looking fresh again. Excellent stuff.
Carl B. · Milwaukee, WI · 12/12/2013

Hi Chilhowee,

Got my fork covers today with the Indian Head Conchos! The tan leather you offer matches the leather my Indian came with to a "T". The fork covers were just the extra touch I was looking for! Thank you for the product.

Tyler K. · Birmingham, AL · 12/02/2013


Wanted to thank you for the quick delivery on my kickstand cover. I appreciate a low cost, handmade American product with outstanding durability. The kickstand cover added some extra style to my Victory and as much as I kick it back and forth with my boot, it's still holding strong! The guys, for the great product!

Sam A. · San Bernardino, CA · 11/24/2013

Hey Chilhowee,

My saddlebags just came in and as usual my expectation are far exceeded by your team. The quality of the bags are better than described online and they assemble to the bike with such ease. Thanks Chilhowee team for being my one stop shop for my bike needs.

William G. · Fort Worth, TX · 11/11/2013


I had bought a 2010 Chieftain Classic and cruised with it for a few years now. But I was looking for a new look and really liked the look of the Chieftain Vintage. In order to add some vintage look to my bike, I bought a light tan leather fender bib from you guys and I couldn't be more excited! The bike looks awesome, have received a lot of compliments, and the nice thing is I didn't have to buy a brand new bike to get the look I was looking for. Thanks guys!

Roger W. · Reno, NV · 10/27/2013


Wanted to thank you and your team for the awesome grip covers! The leather was tight but the awesome thing is that it will stretch and mold to my riding. Some covers are one size fit all and tend to be loose, but your custom design and attention to detail, make a fantastic product! Thank you Chilhowee Team!

Mark H. · St. Petersburg, FL · 10/16/2013

Hey Chilhowee,

Thanks for the excellent customer service and the speed in which you handled my order. My wife and I are stoked to wear our new leather vest out to the bar tonight. Let me tell you, the vest looks amazing on my wife if you know what I mean. Thanks for the products!

Jerry S. · Mesa, AZ · 09/10/2013


I am impressed with your lever covers. You don't find this much attention to detail and pure quality in a lot of products today. The covers fit precisely, as if they were made only for me and I like that thought. The product is so finely tailored and comfortable, you can expect my business to return. Thanks to everyone at Chilhowee.

Randy T. · Akron, OH · 09/04/2013

Hi Guys,

I can't get enough of your leather. My recent purchase were handlebar covers and if that doesn't scream leather lover, I don't know what does. My 2009 Road King has everything of yours from the leather grip covers all the way down to the leather kickstand covers. Truly, terrific products.

Travis B. · 2009 Harley Road King · Kansas City, MO · 08/24/2013


Went riding with the deerskin gloves that you offer on your site and I was amazed! These gloves fit snuggly, are soft and create warmth without making your palms sweaty.

Travis R. · Pittsburg, PA · 08/12/2013

Dear Chilhowee,

I just received my floor board fringe today and it looks awesome! Yamaha makes a lot of custom pieces for the v-stars to make your bike "you". But they just don't make the custom fun fringe as I call it, that you guys do. I will definitely be looking into more fringe products from you guys!

Steve S. · Garland, TX · 08/11/2013

Hey Team,

Just wanted to thank you for supplying quality leather. Last year I bought some engine guard chaps and have rode all around the states, in all kinds of weather, rain, sun, some hail, and slush and they still look amazing. The quality and durability of your guys' product is amazing!

Paul K. · Indianapolis, IN · 07/22/2013

Hey Guys,

I dig the bike whips you offer, mine looks great on the bike. The guys in the club really like all the different options you have for the whips and will be ordering as well. I brag that they all want a bike like mine now, haha! Thanks for the great service and speed in which I received my product.

Tom E. · Jacksonville, FL · 07/21/2013

Hey Guys,

Glad I found your business! Bought Harley engine guard chaps a few months back before purchasing yours for my 2010 Fat Boy Lo. Harley's chaps slipped on nicely but were baggy and made of flimsy vinyl and polyester. Your chaps were easy to apply, added the needed protection and style I was looking for, and fit very snug. Excellent product!

Josh P. · 2010 Harley Fat Boy · St. Louis, MO · 07/15/2013

Hi Chilhowee Team,

My saddlebag guard covers came in and they are perfect! The custom fit looks great and sleek. Great looks with great protection, very excited to take the bike out tonight to show off the new look!

Glen T. · Alburquerque, NM · 06/14/2013

Hi Chilhowee,

I got a pair of your lever covers in white with the 16 in. fringe. The product fit wonderfully but the product just didn't match the bike quite like I thought it would. Thanks to your ironclad guarantee and the help of the staff I was able to send them back in exchange for the generic black leather w/ fringe with no hassle and no fuss. That's how you take care of customers! Ps. The black lever covers look much better than the white on my bike, much happier!
Scott D. · Oakland, CA · 06/05/2013


Hi! Wanted to thank you for working with me and helping me with the measuring my bike so that I you guys could make a custom tank bra for my bike! I really appreciated your knowledge about the bikes and your ability to make exactly what I was looking for. The leather feels great and looks awesome on my bike. Pictures to follow! Thank you!

Lucas F. · St. Paul, MN · 05/28/2013

Hey Chilhowee,

Wanted to thank you for the customized leather tank bra I received this afternoon. I always want to customize my bike, but was unsure whether I wanted to go with a permanent paint job or something like your leather tank bra. The tank bra allowed me to customize my bike easily, without spending an outrageous amount of money and with something a little less permanent. Plus the pocket on the tank bra was a nice touch, allowing me quick access to my shades or tools!

Frank S. · Chandler, AZ · 05/22/2013


Received my Old-School "Getback" Biker whip this morning! Makes the bike ten times more cool and riding with them makes me feel that more cool. All the colors you offered made it difficult to choose, but I did find the one that complimented my bike the BEST! Thank you for offering such an awesome product!
George · Cincinnati, OH · 05/19/2013

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the great service. I had no idea I would receive my fender bibs so quickly. They look amazing on the bike, can't wait to ride and show them off today!

Samantha Z. · Oklahoma City, OK · 04/24/2013

Team Chilhowee,

Thanks for the outstanding customer service and product. Wasn't hard to find the exact mud flaps I was looking for as soon as I heard about you guys from another rider. I like the added style they provide how much they actually keep my 2011 Electra Glide Ultra clean and protected as I hit all kinds of terrain across the States. Friends will definitely hear about your business from me, thanks team.

Chris H. · 2011 Harley Electra Ultra Glide · San Jose, CA · 03/16/2013

Hey Team,

I bought the mud flaps from you for my 2013 Harley Road King. I couldn't be more impressed with your product. Harley has stepped away from using authentic leather and uses a vinyl and polyester material for much of their custom pieces. The real leather that you use to make your products is a wonderful touch to my bike.

Tom S. · 2013 Harley Road King · Plano, TX · 03/04/2013


Your staff is amazing! I spoke with your staff just days ago about custom making a set of half chaps for my wife as her legs tend to get cold quickly while riding and lacked some awesome leather. With perfection, they assisted us in placing our order and getting it out to us with impeccable speed. The wife gets lots of compliments and we refer everyone to your company for those that inquire us about them. Thank you so much and keep growing, your products and staff are great!

Larry R. · Greensboro, NC · 02/25/2013

Hi guys!

I received my tan leather floor board trim today. What a remarkable delivery time. Was gearing up for the 2013 73rd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and was wondering if these would make it in time and they did! They add a classic, vintage look my already 2013 Indian Chief Vintage and at a third of the price Indian charges. Everyone loved the look, thanks Chilhowee Team!

Corey M. · Bethlehem, IA · 02/12/2013

Dear Chilhowee,

Ordered a pair of the leather lever covers the other day and they look awesome on the bike. They create a unique style to the bike and I am very happy to have purchased with you guys. Thank you.

Clyde M. · Baltimore, MD · 02/09/2013


I bought a few products from your team last week. Just wanted to thank you and your team for the outstanding assistance and service I was given by them. They were extremely patient with me while they helped me over the phone, locate the particular pieces I was looking for. On top of that, I received my products in a speedy fashion, excellent condition, and they fit perfectly on the bike.

Allison L. · Toledo, OH · 01/10/2013

Hey Chilhowee,

GREAT customer service and quality of leather. Bought a pair of the deer skin gloves and they are SO SOFT, fit amazing, and smell awesome! Can't wait to get leather for the bike like I did for my hands.

Rachel L. · Riverside, CA · 12/31/2012


My bike looks so vintage with all the leather I got from you guys! Thanks for making a cheap and easy way to customize my bike for myself and making it look awesome in the process. Keep thinking of new products because I'll be sure to buy!

Ashley S. · Corpus Christi, TX · 12/22/2012


Wow! Just attached my soft leather tool bag to the bike. I can't believe I ever rode without this handy bag. When I take the bike out to local pubs, other riders always ask me where I got it and I make sure to point them in your direction. Great company! I like your style.

Lance H. · Bell Buckle, TN · 11/13/2012

Chilhowee Team,

Incomparable service! Staff is filled with compassionate and knowledgeable workers that helped me through the process of custom ordering some engine guard covers for a unique engine guard design. The merchandise looks great and fit very snug and beautifully! Thanks for the great American made product!

Zach N. · Pine Lake, WA · 09/12/2012

Hi guys,

These fender bibs that you guys make are FANTASTIC! Great feeling leather! Looks amazing! Definitely going to look into some of your other leather products. Thanks guys.

Bill K. · Butler, Wi · 09/12/2012


I was a little worried when I had to agree that my product was non-refundable or exchangeable due to the fact that it was a custom order. But now that I received it my tank bra, I wouldn't want to give it back! It fits great and looks amazing. Your staff was extremely helpful! Thank again.

Derek W. · Jetmore, KS · 06/02/2012

Hey team,

Sissy bar bags are in and attached! I couldn't be happier with the quality of the products you offer. I won't be going anywhere again without these bags attached. Definitely be back for more product at a later date!

Joe V. · Lincoln, NE · 05/26/2012


Dropping you a line, letting you know that I already received my leather jacket. That was some speedy delivery! I love the jacket! It's flexible and light, just what I needed this summer for some style and wind protection. Great company!

Patrick G. · Omaha, NE · 04/24/2012


I love these great floor board trims. The floorboards were just to plain on my bike as I have custom pieces all over it. The floor board trim gave me the right touch I was looking for and are highly durable for all the types of weather I ride in

Jim C. · Goulds, FL · 03/24/2012

Hey there,

Super, super, super stoked! Fork covers came in today ahead of schedule! Had a few rock scratches on the forks and didn't know what I wanted to do about them until I found you guys. Got the fork covers with some studs on them to cover up the scratches and make my bike look tougher! I'll be talking about your company on the forums tonight!

Roman D. · Loganville, GA · 02/28/2012

Hi all,

Ohhhh!! I'm so excited! My biker whip came in today and couldn't be more impressed with it. I got the pink and black laced whip to accent my pink 1200 custom sportster. Watch out, Pink Biker has her whips! Hahaha.

Sherly J. · Whitesville, WV · 02/28/2012


Installed my engine guard chaps today. They came in so quick, I couldn't believe it! I can really tell you guys are committed to excellence the way you took care of me and the products you make. The chaps fit great and get many compliments of the cool Conchos attached to them!

Hector H. · Buffalo, NY · 01/26/2012


Saddle bags are hooked up and ready to ride! Going on a little vacation and these are exactly what I needed and came just in time, thanks to your super-fast delivery! Fantastic company.

Fred W. · Oakland, NJ · 01/18/2012


Let your guys in Oregon know, EXCELLENT JOB! The leather work on my grip and lever covers is amazing. This is a great American made product.
Walter D. · Durham, NC · 07/29/2011

I have all the attention wherever I go with the Chilhowee Footboard trim - Fender bibs - Tank pouch.
Your service was so FAST in making my special order purchase, I could not believe it. You are AAA company.

Good Day

R. McCarthy · 2008 Harley Electra Gide · Naugatuck, CT · 07/27/2011

Here's some before and after pics. Everything came in before you promised and in great shape. Leather is high quality and please put me on your happy customer list. Bike looks great! I'm very happy!

I would advise getting someone to help you line up the bib but other than that install for
everything was a snap. I could have cut my install time in half if I had just read the instructions more cafefully! This is your tank bra, grip covers and lever covers on a 2009 Honda VTX 1300R. Once again thanks.
J Stone · 2009 Honda VTX 1300R · Goose Creek, SC · 07/11/2011

Hi Rebecca,

i received my saddlebags yesterday morning.
This morning i put them on the bike. No difficulty....... All items fit perfect. :-)
The leather quality is great. I am very satisfied.

I want to thank you for reducing the amount on the invoice. As I paid less tax. I appreciate the gesture you made.

I recommend your store to all my friends and all members of the forum.
I attached some pictures of my bike with your bags.

Have a good day, thank you very much.

F Baumann · Strasbourg, GG · 07/10/2011


Mike B · Chetek, WI · 06/08/2011

Hi Rebecca,
The tank bra arrived today and we just had to contact you to let you know that it fits perfectly and looks absolutely beautiful. The workmanship is great and the pocket is roomy and yet proportioned just right. Many thanks for making such a fine American product available.
Pictures will be forthcoming. Thanks you for guiding us through the necessary template measurements and please thank the staff and tell them how pleased we are.

JC L · Sumter, SC · 06/08/2011

The bags are excellent quality and worked perfect with the Easy Brackets. Looks great on my Fat Boy.
Michael L · Lafayette, NC · 06/03/2011

How great of you to do this for me. Everybody likes the way they look on my Heritage Softail and ask where I got them. I have sent many people your way. Glad to see you take care of your customers.
Thank you so much.

Daryl C · 2001 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic · Hayward, CA · 05/23/2011

I received my saddlebags and easy brackets. Here are a couple pictures of the bags and turn signal
relocation kit installed on my '06 Fatboy. Great service and great product!
I couldn't be happier.

J Evans · Warner Robins, GA · 05/23/2011

Installed the saddlebags yesterday and they look great! I backed them with aluminum diamond plate instead of using brackets. This allowed me to move them back 1 1/2" for more leg room for my wife. Kay named my bike 'Chill" due to all the leather from you guys!
Gregg C · Rome, GA · 05/21/2011

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to thank you for the time you took with me to help me measure out my tank bra and get it ordered. It came in exceptionally quick and is looking great on my Softail Heritage right now as we speak. Everyone ask me where I got such a beautiful piece and I always point them in your direction. Very happy with this product! I'll be back for sure.

Gordon T. · Baton Rouge, LA · 05/14/2011

Just an FYI..................... I think your service and products are great
and you deserve to be pushed:

Yo Sandy,

Bet you thought I forgot again...... Wrong. This is where I got my costume supplies for my bike. I really like their service and they are really nice people to talk to if you have a question. As far as product quality......I think they are awesome and made in Oregon. Can't go wrong.

Dan M · 2006 Honda Shadwo Aero 750 · Redmond, OR · 05/07/2011

Hey guys & girls,

Got my leather lever covers yesterday,simple to put on, and they look great on my ride! Thanks and I will be sure to pass your name on to others.

S Artice · 2008 Harley Davidson Electra Glide · East Bend, NC · 05/06/2011

Wanted to let you know I received my gloves and they fit great, love the feel and smell of real leather. Cant wait to try them on a ride , if we ever get some dry weather here (Ontario Canada).
Steve B · Kitchener, Canada · 05/04/2011

The half chaps are terrific. No more hot pipes or burned pant legs to contend with, not to mention they really look great. Worth every penny.
Keith O · Panama City, FL · 04/06/2011

Already received the biker whip!

Will be placing more orders with your company

Jim B · Omaha, NE · 04/04/2011

Thanks Rebecca, Your customer service is amazing, I am so glad I found you on the web I will defiantly be recommending you to my riding buddies. Thank you for a great experience.
J Lelis · Ridgecrest, CA · 04/04/2011

Just to say the engine guard chaps is a glove fit and really looks the part on my bike, wind & weather protection is fantastic at high speeds, it should be a must for serious bikers.
Denzil R · 2009 Harley Davidson Softail Classic · St. Saviour, UK · 03/28/2011

I have a general comment about your customer service.


I have looked at your website for a while, and I had a question about something, so I sent an email.

The woman that called me back was really helpful.
In short, she helped me figure out that the part I wanted, wasn't what I needed.
So instead of selling me what you have, she helped me figure out the right thing.

This was only after I called JP and Dennis Kirk.
I appreciate being treated like a real person and you have made a loyal customer for life.
Thanks so much

Jeff B · Fresno, CA · 03/23/2011

I've bought several motorcycle jackets from your company an haven't found another company that gives you the quality yours does especially for the price. My one jacket must weigh 30 lbs and my summer jacket is also heavy but very flexible. Do you offer anything like these types of coats?
S Rodzinak · Manville, NJ · 03/21/2011

Hi, just recieved my lever and grip covers. Talk about warp speed shipping!! I can't wait to put them on. Thankyou again and look foward to doing business with you in the future
Dale K · 1998 Harley Davidson Heritage Springer · Avondale, AZ · 03/20/2011

I am so happy!!!! I just received my 2-color (purple and black) fringed lever covers for my H-D Softail and they are beautiful. Quality leather and workmanship and they fit and look perfect. You can be sure I'll be shopping on your site again.
J Kauffman · Bensalem, PA · 03/17/2011

Hello Rebecca,

I would love to see pictures of my bike on your page.
Being a Director of a large service group, I recognize and appreciate great service.
I spoke with a couple of folks from company and they were all so friendly and helpful.
You prove that "The Old Fashion Way" is the best way!
Keep up the great work!

Thanks again,

Nick N · Miltown, NJ · 03/15/2011


A Aubin · 2000 Yamaha V Star 1100 · PINCOURT, Canada · 03/08/2011

Hello Chilhowee,

I wanted to offer my thanks for a great product and prompt service. I recently purchased a set of Lever Fringes for my Royal Star. The order came quickly and they fit very nicely.

I ordered the fringe in black and asked for red laces. I was not sure I liked the red lace after installation. I emailed you for a set of black laces, which you sent right away. Thanks again.

Mike · 2005 Yamaha Royal Star · Lebanon, OR · 03/04/2011


Attached are several photos of my 2006 Suzuki C50T with many of your fantastic products installed. First, let me say that your products are top of the line and your customer service is beyond compare. I am a Chilhowee customer for life and have given all of your extra business cards included with each package to my co-workers and riding friends.

Additionally, your products are so unique and varied that you can customize any bike to your specific tastes to reflect your personality and style.

As you can see by the pics I have hard mounted Saddlemen Desperado X-Jumbo Slants without the use of brackets. My next mod will be to do teh same to a set of your studded bags!

Thanks to you Rececca, Chil and the whole crew in Grants Pass.

G Carney · Rome, GA · 02/06/2011

Hello Chilowee Staff: Just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for the wonderful crash bar covers and buffalo butter...they are exactly what I had in mind for this motorcycle...the person I talked to and placed the order with was very helpful and patient. Smiles for miles. Greg.
Greg G · 2007 Honda VTX 1800R · Great Falls, MT · 07/06/2010

The floorboard fringe was very cool and very easy to install, I took a 100 mile ride after installing them with no problem. I did have some very good comments not just from friends but by bystanders.
Mario E · El Paso, TX · 07/06/2010


Last week I picked up my Harley Road King E/G chaps at your shop in Grants Pass. I just wanted to thank the folks at your shop for the great attitude and helpfulness.
I was passing through on a road trip (Minneapolis-Galveston-San Diego-Portland-Minneapolis) and had to remove an ID plate on my bike to install the chaps. The employee (sorry I forgot his name) that made my chaps cheerfully provided me with tools to get this done.
Again thanks. I am pleased with the quality and simplicity of your product thus far. Time will tell how well your product holds up; But rest assured I will be recommending your product to any and all based on your customer service.
A Mccann · 2005 Harley Davidson Road King · Saint Paul, MN · 07/06/2010


Forwarding a few pics of the bike with the custom color medium brown leather accessories- lever covers, engine guard chaps and floorboard fringe. Looks great and I get many compliments.

Thanks again for everything.
B Collier · 2001 Yamaha Road Star 1600 · Corner Brook, Canada · 07/02/2010

Thank you for your quick response. I have come to expect nothing less from your company. I am just glad it wasn't anything worse that had happened. Your company has always been ready to help in any way and answer any question. That says a lot in this day and age. Thank you for making great products and being a company that has a great customer relations. Thanks again for your help in resolving this.
Faron H. · Whitesburg, TN · 06/15/2010

I have used yor great leather products in the past several times and will continue to do so in the future! The Jacket, Chaps, CrashBar Chaps for my '05 Softail are all holding up well under a seasons worth of Maine's harsh winter weather.
I just recently became a Widows Sons Rider,Pine Tree Riders, Grand Chapter Maine.I was proud indeed to see your fine company already gave a discount to this worthy organization.I've used your services before hand,spread the word of your quality prior to knowing this,and will redouble the effort amongst the Bretheren to spread the Gospel of Chilhowee Leather.Your Fine products and Great Staff are Second to None. I knew I liked you guys the moment I saw the name Chilhowee, made the Tennessee connection,and our relationship has Blossomed from there.Keep up the Great Work Chil,and wish you and your crew the Best!
J Moore · 2005 Harley Davidson Softail · Moody, ME · 06/07/2010

Just wanted to drop you a line that I received the kickstand cover and lever covers and that they look and fit great. I did cut the length of the tassels to my peference, but all items where easy to attach, thanks for making a great product and great service.
L Sepulveda · 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe · Woodridge, IL · 05/30/2010


Just wanted to let you know that I have a great story for you about how my Chilhowee leathers stood up to amazing weather and made all the difference in the world.

I had ridden my 2005 Softtail Deluxe to Reno for the Boozefighters MC Spring National just a few days ago from Oregon. My club brothers and I spent four days there enjoying Reno and then one of my brothers and I left early on Saturday morning. The weather was cloudy, windy, and cold as we rode to Susanville.

We were about 10 miles south of Susanville when the weather turned to snow and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees to a tepid 31. We pulled into a restaurant for a cup of coffee and waited for it to stop snowing.

After an hour of waiting we saw that the snow was not stopping so we saddled up and continued our trip. We rode from Susanville to Redding, California , a distance of about a 100 miles in the snow! The inside of my windshield was covered with snow, my hand levers were covered with snow, my bike was a winter wonderland! However, thanks to my Chilhowee leathers, I was warm as toast! My engine guards were covered with Chil's engine guard chaps and they were layered with snow about two inches deep instead of my boots and pants being covered. So instead of being frozen when we got to Redding I was ready to party. Thanks for keeping me warm and dry!
Crosstop · 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe · Springfield, OR · 05/27/2010

Thank You Rebecca. What impressive customer service. I sincerely appreciate your desire and efforts to provide a quality product. Thank you so much for the "conciliation" lever covers...I will enjoy them on the S50! I will, without a doubt, order from you again...and recommend you to my biking buddies. Thank you kindly for the truly superior customer care. TJ
T Speer · 2008 Suzuki Blvd C50 · Kansas City, MO · 05/24/2010

Thanks. I appreciate your help. I look forward to my engine guard covers and anti-fade arriving. Your company has great products, great quality and pricing. I cant wait to show them off to my friends.
D Holmes · Whitesburg, TN · 05/19/2010

Hey, Chil,

Thanks for the thorough update, and I'd be happy to help out with pics and a review. You can tell when a business makes an extra effort to do things right and it's greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Alan S · 1999 Yamaha VStar 1100 · Broadview Heights, OH · 04/30/2010

Thank you for the prompt service. In the words of Arnold, "I'll be back"!
You service and the quality are outstanding.
Ted L · Burlington, WI · 04/16/2010


I just felt compelled to write you to tell you how unbleavablely satisfied I am with my new tank bra.

I placed my order three days ago and already have it! When I opened the box I knew that I had much more then the standard dash pannel cover that you can get at most bike stores. This one was perfectely made. It is thick and soft with a soft underlining that assured me that there would be no scratches on my finish.

It only took a few minutes to install and what a difference it makes to my bike! The pouch has more then enough room to hold the necessities while riding and the designe matches the rest of my bike perfectly.

It is so nice to do business with a company that delivers on it's promise. You can rest assured that you have a loyal customer who will sing Chilhowees praises with all my riding buddies!

Thanks again from one happy customer!
Frank C · Davidson, NC · 04/16/2010


Chilhowee is the Greatest! You guys deliver exactly what you promise: Beautiful, quality motorcycle leather products that fit perfectly. My Harley Heritage now has the look that I always wanted. Thank you for the great lever covers and engine guard chaps, Chilhowee!
John M · 2008 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail · La Mesa, CA · 04/15/2010

I recieved my tank bra yesterday. Unbelievable! Definately worth the wait. I will be doing business with you again in the future.

In fact I showed my neighbor the tank bib and told him that you also make and sell engine guard chaps, which he will be in the market for shortly. Maybe he will be calling on you.

If you have time could you send him an email? I know that may push him in your direction for the purchace.

He owns a 2009 Suzuki C90T, safety orange and black in Color.

Thank you again for a wonderful product.
Mike S · 2006 Honda VTX 1800R · Pottsville, PA · 04/15/2010

Hi team,this is a pic of my baby with her touring bag ready for my easter road trip to New Plymouth/New Zealand.

we fitted enough gear in the bag for 2 for 5 days of fun in the sun! I am very impressed with the quality of the bag,

also the amount of room there is for stuff.Great product keep it up!

regards Happy Biker!
L Lawrence · Te Awamutu, WK · 04/10/2010

Hi Rebecca:

Thanks for sending those instructions for my mudflaps......they were just the thing I needed to get the general idea as to how to install them!!! Fork covers look great as well!! Thanks again.........sending pics.
C Brown · 2006 Honda Shadow Aero 750 · Castor, Canada · 04/03/2010

Dear Chil,

Awesome! That's the only word I can use to describe this whole experience! From the quality AMERICAN MADE products and selections,to the fast professional service. Thank you so much for putting this all together. I'm sure this little tool bag will be just perfect and totally fit right on my old '73 Triumph TR7V Tiger. I'll be happy to send you a pic as soon as I can.....then you can add that to the... "bikes it will fit"... list!

Thanks again for the excellent service!

Jerry R · 1973 Triumph TR7V Tiger · Bailey, CO · 04/02/2010

Great News on my jacket shipping! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your extra efforts and follow up.

I chose your company for two reasons. At first because the name and the ties to Tennessee where I know live, but then because it's based in Grants Pass and my grandfather was born and raised in Grants Pass ... I feel a special kinship with the Pacific Northwest! Now you're customer service has given me a third reason!
Thanks again!
Kathleen K · Nashville, TN · 04/01/2010

Good Morning Chil, Received my saddle bag rail fringe and they look great....Very well made, and fit perfect, thanks for a great job...will try to send you more work as I show these off this summer.
Again Chil Thanks,
Scott L · Black Hawk, CO · 04/01/2010

Received my engine guard chaps today. Your product looks and fits excellent.

Thank you,


Tony P · 2007 Yamaha Road Star 1700 · Joilet, IL · 03/25/2010


I received the order Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tank Bra with options: 2009, Chrome Studs, Indian Nickel Concho with Horsehair Tassel, Hand Laced Edges, Pocket
Bra with the tank is very very beautiful !!! I thank you for your kindness
Here in France the Yamaha V-Star 1300 corresponds to the Yamaha Midnight Star 1300
I am sending you pictures of me and my bike
thank you again and soon

J Rigoli · 2009 Yamaha VStar 1300 · Vigneux, FR · 03/24/2010

Thanks so very much for getting my horse hair tassel out so quickly....and the price is right!! I am extremely pleased with my tank bra and it really sets off my Indian. I will recommend your company to all my friends....if you are ever out in Reno during Street Vibrations in September, I will stop by your booth...thanks again and keep up the good work!
C Catto · 2002 Indian Scout · Reno, NV · 03/19/2010

Hi to all you folks at chill, fantastic service, i received my goods today, and as you kindly invited me to send pics of my ride i will sort something out. I have just been shown how to load and send pics. As soon as i have fitted the lever covers,i will send them on to yourselves, it would be an honour to be a feature on your site. Yours greatfully Dave.
Dave D · 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 · Langport, SM · 03/18/2010

Thank you Rebecca for your quick response!! You have just made my day! I have been looking for chaps since December and most companies have been out of the size I needed.

Thanks again and I hope you have a great day! I will shop with your company again!
T Rice · Beloit, OH · 03/17/2010

I would like to let you know that I recently ordered the UNIK sporty scooter jacket, and I extremely pleased with my purchase. I have tried on a LOT of women's motorcycle jackets. Most of them are made from thin, poor quality leather. But the jacket I ordered from you fits perfectly, has great styling, and is a heavy-weight, substantial jacket. I know I am going to get a lot of wear out of it. Thanks for offering such a great product.
E Shaw · Home, PA · 03/11/2010

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